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Passover Prepared Foods Menu- Page 2
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Fish, Soups and Salads
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Passover Specialities, Deli, Sauages and Bakery
Potato Latkes*: $2.50 / ea.
Made from only fresh Idaho potatoes and prepared to golden perfection.
Farfel and Mushrooms:* $11.98 / lb.
Fresh mushrooms, sliced thin, sautéed with onions and tossed with Matzoh farfel.
Mashed Potatoes:* $9.98 / lb.
Only select Idaho potatoes are used in this classic dish. Made with sautéed onions
and seasoned for maximum flavor.
Carrot Tsimmes:* $9.98 / lb.
Carrots are sliced then braised with prunes and pineapple. A dish worth making a big tzimmes about.
Sauteed Spinach:* 11.98 / lb.
Delicately sauteed spinach with fresh garlic.
Broccoli and Carrots:* $12.98 / lb.
Broccoli is sautéed with carrots and a light herb seasoning.
Roasted Vegetables:* $14.98 / lb.
Fresh zucchini, bell peppers, carrots, onions and are roasted with fresh rosemary and thyme.
Side Dishes
Chopped Chicken Liver: $8.98 / 1/2 lb.
Our famous homemade chopped chicken liver with onions, eggs and mayo.
Truly superb! Not Vegetarian ! :-)
Roasted Red Potatoes:* $11.98 / lb.
New red potatoes are roasted in the oven with fresh thyme and rosemary.
Braised Red Cabbage:* $14.98 / lb.
Fresh red cabbage is shredded and cooked in a seasoned sweet and sour sauce.
Sauteed Chicken Livers:* $16.98 / lb.
Fresh chicken livers, kashered and sauteed with sliced onion and seasonings.
*Items with an asterisk are vegetarian but are not parve
Roasted Roots:* $13.98 / lb.
Potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnip fresh roasted with salt, pepper and garlic.
Sauteed Broccoli:* $13.98 / lb.
Broccoli florets tossed with slivered almonds and red peppers.
Potato Kugel: $10.98 / ea.
Only fresh Idaho potatoes are used. Baked to a golden brown this delicious dish is a traditional classic.
Vegetable Souffles: $8.98 / ea.
These soufflés are available in Broccoli, Spinach or Zucchini.  Fresh vegetables are folded with
egg whites, matzoh meal and baked till they are light and delicious.
Apple Farfel Pudding: $11.98 / ea.
A delicious sweet farfel kugel with apples and raisins.
Farfel Stuffing: $11.98 / ea.
A combination of fresh herbs and seaonings makes this a perfect accompaniment for both beef and poultry.
Sweet Potato Pone: $9.98 / ea.
Fresh sweet potatoes purée is blended with pineapple then baked to perfection.
Kugels - Puddings
All Kugels are vegetarian but prepared in a meat kitchen and therefore
should not be considered parve.
Charoses - Homemade: $13.98 / lb..
Fresh grated Granny Smith apples, walnuts and traditional wine.
Seder Plate: $29.98 / ea.
A heavy weight Seder Plate with a Roasted Lamb Shankbone, Roasted Egg, Horseradish, Marror,
Karpas and Charoset.
Roasted Lamb Shank Bone: $5.00 / ea.
Ready to put on your own Seder Plate.
Passover Specialties
Roast Beef: $27.98 / lb.
Prime lean Silver Tip prepared on our rotisserie.
Corned Beef: $27.98 / lb.
Lean tender brisket pickled on premises and then boiled with traditional seaonings and spices.
Potted Brisket: $34.98 / lb.
Brisket slowly oven roasted in it's own natural juices and onions, sliced thicker with au jus gravy.
Pastrami: $27.98 / lb.
First Cut Brisket smoked with traditional seasonings.
Turkey, Classic: $17.98 / lb.
Fresh roasted turkey breast - all natural no additives
Cold Cuts - Deli
Turkey, Homemade: $24.98 / lb.
Our own fresh turkey breast, de-boned, rolled, tied and roasted to perfection in our kitchen.
Smoked Turkey: $17.98 / lb.
Fresh smoked white meat turkey breast.
Turkey Pastrami: $17.98 / lb.
Fresh smoked dark meat turkey with pastrami spices.
Honey Glazed Turkey: $17.98 / lb.
White meat turkey with a delicate honey glaze.
Salami, fresh, wide style: $14.98 / lb.
Bologna, fresh, wide style: $14.98 / lb.
Hard Salami: $24.98 / lb.
Naturally air cured.
Schmurah Matzoh: $23.98 / ea.
Hand made traditional Matzoh imported from Israel. Apologies but we cannot guarantee against breakage.
Chicken and Apple Sausage: $17.98 / lb.
Ground Chicken with Granny Smith apples, sage and seasonings.
Lamb Merguez Sausage: $19.98 / lb.
A Middle Eastern traditional sausage with old world spices and a bit of pepper.
Sweet Italian Sausage: $19.98 / lb.
Veal is used to replace the traditional "other "meat in this traditionally seasoned Italian Classic.
Hot Italian Sausage: $19.98 / lb.
A similar Veal sausage to the sweet variety but with a bit of pepper added to spice it up - not too hot though.
Sausages - Homemade
Our sausages are par-boiled and fresh frozen with no preservatives. Simply brown and serve or add to stews, soups, and stuffings.
Cakes and Cookies - Parve
We will have a large assortment of excellent, parve cakes and cookies for Passover including the items listed below. Please call for pricing and availability.
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Kugels & Puddings
Cold Cuts - Deli
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Passover Specialties
** Passover Fresh Poultry and Meats
are from our regular menu
** Grocery items are from our
regular menu and are NOT all
Kosher for Passover. Please inquire
Quinoa w/ Vegetables or w/ Raisins & Almonds : $13.98 / lb.
Organic quinoa with fresh vegetales or with raisins and almonds.
Quinoa Pudding: $14.98 / ea. Large, $9.98 / ea. small
A sweet kugel with organic quinoa and raisins and pineapple in the style of a noodle pudding..
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Black & White Cookies
Macaroons, Almond & Chocolate
Chocolate Leaf Cookies
Seven Layer Cake
Choc Dip Coconut Macaroons
Rainbow Cookies
Raspberry Roll
Marble and Sponge Cake
Lady Fingers
Checkerboard Cake
Lace Cookies
Apricot or Mocha Rolls
Swiss Chocolate Roll
Honey Cake
We also have a selection of 7" Round Fancy Layer Cakes*
Handmade Schmurah Matzoh from Israel too!
* Not for Delivery.
From Zemmer
From Susan Sez
Almond Horns
Lemon Squares
Large Choc. Chip Cookies
From Munchreal
Mini Almond Horns
Dobosh Layer Cake
Rainbow Square Cake
Chocolate Dipped Cookies
Cherry Pie
Chocolate Bar Cake