BBQ Chickens: $9.98 / lb.
Roasted at a high temperature, crystallizing the skin while keeping the meat deliciously moist and tender. That is why New York Magazine rated it "NYC's Best."
Southern Fried Chicken: $10.49 / lb.
Skinless chicken is breaded with our own specially seasoned breading then fried to a juicy golden brown.
Breaded Chicken Cutlets: $15.98 / lb.
Boneless chicken breasts are lightly fried in our original breading recipe. Moist and tender, a traditional favorite.
Grilled Chicken Cutlets: $19.98 / lb.
Boneless chicken breasts are lightly seasoned then grilled for a low carb, low fat delicacy. Also available with Honey Mustard glaze at $19.98 / lb.
Chicken Nuggets: $15.98 / lb.
Prepared in the same manner as our Breaded Chicken Cutlets. Tender chunks of white meat chicken. A favorite with children and adults alike.
Chicken Florentine: $16.98 / lb.
Boneless juicy chicken thighs are rolled in to a roast stuffed with spinach and garlic and then tied and roasted to perfection.
Stuffed Cornish Hens: $14.98 / each
These famed "David Elliot" Cornish Hens are stuffed with our delicious bread stuffing, Truly a treat not to be missed.
BBQ and Prepared Poultry
Honey Mustard Chicken: $10.98 / lb.
Roast chicken is finished with a delicious honey mustard sauce for a lightly sweet and tangy dish.
Chicken Pot Pie: $11.98 / each
This unique recipe is like no other. Filled with vegetables and chicken in a light sauce this dish serves two to three people. Truly Wonderful!
Sesame Chicken (special order): $13.98 / lb.
Chicken Nuggets and broccoli are blended with a tangy sweet sesame sauce. East meets west side with this Asian style dish.
Roast Duckling: $24.98 / lb.
In the mood for something romantic. A whole duck is flame roasted so the fat falls away, leaving a crispy skin and delectable meat.
Roasted Turkey (special order): $12.98 / lb.
The centerpiece of many family meals our turkeys are always tender, juicy and cooked to perfection.
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BBQ Turkey Legs: $11.98 / lb.
This juicy part of the turkey has become one of Fischer Bros. & Leslie's most desired entrées.
BBQ Turkey Breast (special order): $13.98 / lb.
The whole turkey breast with the wings is seasoned and cooked on the rotisserie until juicy and tender (with the wings).
Boneless BBQ Turkey Breast (special order): $21.98 / lb.
The boneless white meat turkey breast is tied, seasoned and roasted. May be offered whole, sliced thick for dinner plating or sliced thin for cold cuts.
Buffalo Chicken Wings: $9.98 / lb.
For those who like the spice of life. Prepared with a mild red pepper sauce and full of flavor.
Sauteed Chicken Livers: $11.98 / lb.
Broiled chicken livers are sautéed with caramelized onions and spiced to perfection.
Chopped Chicken Liver: $6.98 / half lb.
Winner of the New Yorker Magazines "Chopped Liver Wars". Prepared just like Grandma used to make with chopped onions, eggs, and mayonaisse.
Chicken Kebabs: $7.98 / each
Tender chunks of white meat chicken are marinated, skewered with fresh vegetables and grilled. A quick and excellent meal.
Apricot Glazed Chicken: $10.98 / lb.
Chicken breast and leg quarters with a delicate apricot glaze seasoned with fresh rosemary.