Rib Lamb Chops / Rack of Lamb: $24.98 / lb.
Also known as "baby" lamb chops. Available as chops, cut to your thickness or as a Rack, "frenched" if desired or tied as a crown roast.
Shoulder Lamb Chops: $16.98 / lb.
A larger chop of equal taste, but more economical. As cut off the shoulder, cuts include, long-bone, round bone and rib end chops.
Shoulder Lamb Roast, Boneless: $29.98 / lb.
This flavorful cut of lamb can be tied and rolled for a roast, or butterflied for the barbecue.
Shoulder Lamb Roast, Bone-in: $23.98 / lb.
The shoulder of lamb is trimmed and prepared as a roast with the bone in. We cut through the bones to facilitate carving.
Ian's Lamb Roast: $24.98 / lb.
Tender succulent pieces of lamb are rolled and tied together to make this delicious lamb roast. Available seasoned with fresh herbs and garlic.
Cubed Lamb, Boneless: $23.98 / lb.
The most succulent pieces of lamb are boned and then cubed for either stew or shish-kabab.
Lamb Stew, with bones: $11.98 / lb.
Lamb necks and shanks are cut up with the bone adding additional flavor to your traditional stews.
Cuts of Lamb
Neck of Lamb: $11.98 / lb.
For roasting or braising this cut of meat is tender and juicy.
Shank of Lamb: $17.98 / lb.
This rich cut is delicious braised or roasted. It also does wonderfully marinated and slowly grilled.
Lamb Kebabs: $6.98 / each
Tender chunks of meat interspersed with fresh vegetables on a skewer. We can marinate it or leave it for you to season.
Breast of Lamb: $9.98 / lb.
Left whole for braising or roasting; or ask us to cut these into lamb riblets for stew or grilling.
Ground Lamb: $17.98 / lb.
We use only hand boned meat and make sure there is just the right amount of fat to make this delicious. Patties + $1.00/lb.
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