Ground Veal: $14.98 / lb.
We use only hand boned meat and make sure there is just the right amount of fat to make this delicious. Patties + $1.00/lb.
Veal Shoulder Roast: $29.98 / lb.
This lean roast is soft and very flavorful. Typically rolled and tied as a roast, 6-8 lbs. The shoulder can also be cut into cubes for a very lean stew.
Breast of Veal: $14.98 / lb.
Can be roasted or braised or cut into veal ribs. We can also make pocket for you to stuff and can offer it boneless. Quite tasty but with some fat and bones.
Neck of Veal: $21.98 / lb.
Tender and delicious, this is often also often tied as a roast or cubed for stew. Excellent roasted or braised.
Veal Scallopini: $34.98 / lb.
Tender thin slices of boneless veal, excellent for saute or breaded and fried. Usually offered pounded very thin, a slight thicker version termed veal cutlets.
Veal Spare Ribs: $14.98 / lb.
Cut from the breast these ribs are tender and delicious. We’ll even marinade them for you.
Veal Shank (Osso Buco): $17.98 / lb.
Sliced into thick pieces with the marrow bone in the center, this is a delicious and rich cut of meat best braised or stewed. Usually offered frozen to hold it's shape.
Cuts of Veal
Veal Chop - 1st Cut: $34.98 / lb.
Cut fresh from the rack then weighed and trimmed to your preference. For fancy meals this is best when broiled or grilled. Baste lightly with Italian dressing.
Veal Chop - Center Cut: $27.98 / lb.
Not quite as fancy looking as the 1st cut but every bit as delicious. There is also a greater meat to bone ratio. Can be broiled, grilled or baked.
Veal Chop - Second Cut: $19.98 / lb.
More economical, cut from the front end of the rib. These are excellent for frying, baking or braising.
Rack of Veal: $34.98 / lb.
Cut fresh from the rack then weighed and trimmed to your preference. For those extra special meals this makes an exceptional roast.
Cubed Veal: $21.98 / lb.
The soft neck of veal is cubed for a tasty stew.
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Veal Brisket: $31.98 / lb.
This is the boneless eye of the breast of veal completely trimmed of fat. About 2 lbs. this is excellent for braising or potting.