Whole Chickens: $5.49 / lb.
Delivered fresh daily, cut and wrapped to your preference. 2.5 to 4.5 lbs. each, we can also remove the skin at no additional charge.
Chicken Cutlets (boneless chicken breasts): $10.98 / lb.
Boneless, skinless white meat chicken breasts. Butterflied and flattened upon request. Can also be prepared with the skin, sliced for stir fry or cubed.
Family Pack Chicken Cutlets: $9.98 / lb.
As above but not trimmed or freezer wrapped. Aprrox. 5 lbs./ bag, typically 10 cutlets. Not much fat to trim. Freezer paper provided on request.
Chicken Thighs Boneless: $11.98 / lb. (with or without skin)
The dark meat chicken thigh is boned out. May be prepared with or without skin. A juicy alternative to chicken breast cutlets.
Chicken Breasts (Top 1/4's): $6.29 / lb.
The white meat breast on the bone with the wing attached. May be cut further, with wing and/or skin removed
Eurobreasts: $11.98 / lb.
The white meat breast is boned out with the skin on and the first joint of the wing attached. Excellent for grilling as they stay moist and tender.
Chicken Legs (Bottom 1/4's): $5.49 / lb.
The dark meat drumstick and thigh. May be cut at the joint and wrapped to your preference. Quite juicy and tender.
Ground Chicken: $10.98 / lb.
Boneless white meat chicken breasts are ground to order. Dark meat available too.
Patties, + $1.00 / lb. May be used for burgers, meatballs, meat loaf and more.
Chicken Drumsticks: $5.98 / lb.
Just the dark meat drumstick. A favorite with kids. If your planning on breading them, ask us to remove the skin for less fat.
Chicken Thighs: $6.49 / lb.
The dark meat top joint of the leg with the bone. Excellent! Available boneless and/or skinless at $ 11.98 / lb.
Chicken wings: $ 3.98 / lb.
The whole chicken wing may be cut at the joint upon request. Note their may be some residual feathers. Excellent for soup or spicy Buffalo Wings.
Chicken Bones or Necks: $2.98 / lb.
A perfect choice for preparing chicken soup or stock.
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All of our chickens are free roaming and both hormone and antibiotic free.
Chicken Livers: $5.98 / lb.
Fresh whole chicken livers. May be "kashered" (salted and broiled) at $ 9.98 / lb.
Chicken Kebabs: $ 6.98 / each
Tender chunks of meat interspersed with fresh vegetables on a skewer. We can marinate it or leave it for you to season.
Capons (limited availabilty): $6.98 / lb.
Large Roasting Capons, typically 8 to 12 lbs. These are not always available so when we can get them we freeze them while fresh.
Duck (duckling) frozen: $11.49 / lb.
Frozen kosher duckling. Typically 4 to 6 lbs. each. Call 2 days in advance if you would like us to defrost them or singe pin feathers.