Ground Steak: $11.98 / lb.
We use only hand-boned meat and make sure there is just the right amount of fat to make this delicious. Patties + $1.00/lb.
Crescent Steak: $51.98 / lb.
Could be the most flavorful cut of all. Like a London broil this cut is best broiled or grilled and serves two to three people.
Tournedos, Steak or Roast: $51.98 / lb.
The tender eye of the Prime Rib, similar to a filet mignon. These are typically cut into thick steaks or can be prepared as a small roast.
Strip Steak: $23.98 / lb.
Sometimes known as a "New York Strip," this boneless cut is terrific broiled, grilled or pan roasted.
Skirt Steak: $24.98 / lb.
A delicious lean and thin steak. Broiled or grilled this cut is a personal favorite. Usually available frozen and cut into serving peices.
Hangar Steak: $24.98 / lb.
Rib Steak: $21.98 / lb.
Cut fresh from the Prime Rib, weighed and trimmed to your preference. This is a tender and juicy steak served on the bone. Perfect for grilling.
Cuts of Beef
Club Steak: $17.98 / lb.
A delicious boneless steak. Juicy and tender this is excellent for broiling, grilling or pan searing.
Pepper Steak: $23.98 / lb.
A slice is taken from the silver tip and cut in to thin strips. Perfect for the oriental style of flash cooking the meat in a hot wok or frying pan.
Beef Spare Ribs: $21.98 / lb.
Marinate them, then cook them slowly on the grill. A real taste of summer. Cooks very nicely in the oven as well.
Steak Kebabs: $6.98 / each
Tender chunks of meat interspersed with fresh vegetables on a skewer. We can marinate it or leave it for you to season.
Split Fillet London Broil: $19.98 / lb.
A whole minute steak is split down the middle and trimmed to make a delicious tender London Broil in two peices that each serve 3 to 4.
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Also called a Romanian Tenderloin. Excellent for the grill or the oven.
(please order in advance)
Silver Tip London Broil: $23.98 / lb.
The eye of the shoulder is prepared as a lean London Broil. Typically cut 2 to 4 lbs. each.
Blade London Broil: $17.98 / lb.
A traditional London Broil, this cut is very lean but soft and juicy. Usually about 3 lbs. each.
Oyster Steak: $24.98 / lb.
A small cylindrical piece of meat that quite lean and unusually tender. A nice London Broil for two.
Silver Tip Roast: $19.98 / lb.
A very lean roast, this cut is best served rare/medium rare. It can also be cut into individual steaks and can be ground for very lean chopped beef.
Prime Rib Roast: $21.98 / lb.
The ultimate Roast Beef. Usually we cut it off the bone and tie it back to ease carving. Each Bone serves two generously, also prepared as a Standing Rib.
Square Roast (Brick Roast): $23.98 / lb.
Minute Roast or Steaks: $19.98 / lb.
From the shoulder, this well marbeled cut can be sliced into steaks, split as a London Broil (Split Fillet) or roasted whole.
First Cut Brisket: $21.98 / lb.
The premier cut for Pot Roast, very lean and usually tender. The whole top cut usually weighs 6 to 8 lbs. Often cooked in advance, sliced and reheated w/sauce.
Second Cut Brisket: $19.98 / lb.
Increasingly popular with gourmets, it is more marbeled than the first cut and very juicy and tender. Typically 3 to 4 lbs. each.
Top of the Rib: $18.98 / lb.
An excellent alternative to 1st cut brisket. It comes in two smaller sections but is just as lean with excellent flavor. It is best used for potting or braising.
Side Steak: $16.98 / lb.
Sometimes known as a mini brisket this cut is enough for two people. It is best used for potting or braising. Actually it's part of the Top of the Rib.
Deckle: $15.98 / lb.
This traditional cut is used for soups, stews or pot roast. Reasonably lean with an excellent flavor. Typically 3 to 4 lbs. each.
Cut from the top of the Chuck, this is a well marbeled and tender cut which can be roasted or broiled as a thick cut London Broil. Excellent for Pot Roast too.
Flanken (Short Ribs): $19.98 / lb.
Can be baked, broiled, braised or slow grilled this is a delicious sweet cut of beef. Cut from the breast of the rib about 2" thick. Also used for Beef Spare Ribs.
Chuck Fillet: $15.98 / lb.
Another versatile cut, chuck can be used for potting, stewing, braising or slow grilling. It also is very popular ground for hamburgers, meatballs or meat loaf.
Beef Rib Bones: $14.98 / lb.
These bones are from the Prime Rib and are quite flavorful. They can be baked or grilled like spare ribs, somewhat more bone than the Spare Ribs but quite tasty.